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14 September 2010

The Quantum Mechanics of Life

According to the
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle,
We could be smiling or crying our eyes out.
But we’ll never know until we look.

Humans are complex wavefunctions
With so many terms of kinetic energy,
human-human repulsion and attraction,
that to write it all down could take years.
We could condense the latter two terms into
one called “personality,” but still,
It’s massive.

Schrödinger’s equation, a combination
of these wavefunctions, needs to be
broken down to find the answer.
You solve. You look. You analyze.
You look again and the result is different.
A new analysis is in order.

With the knowledge of the principles of
quantum mechanics,
We no longer expect,
We accept.
There are rules that simply work,
that explain the phenomenon of life,
But for no apparent reason why.

So when you walk across the street,
Or are wheeled into the hospital,
Or see your lover after many months,
Or a few hours,
Are you laughing, or crying?
Break down your wavefunction…
And find out.

1 comment:

  1. Poetry+Science=Very Yes
    People-What Science Knows=?
    I like the idea and the execution.